Tamara J Training - Update and Questionnaire

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We’re going to be changing out some of the content on the homepage to focus more on driving potential clients to your programs. Our two main focuses are people rehabbing injuries and young athletes. For those, we’ll create two separate landing pages. I know that the hockey market is huge in town so I’m also creating a page focused purely on hockey players. The intention of creating these pages is to reduce the ambiguity in your services and increase the strength of our sales funnels by targeting specific clients. 

I touch on Crash training briefly in the questionnaire, but to give an idea about how creating targeted pages can impact a training business, they’re easily pulling in 100-150 new visitors every month from SEO. That is aside from returning business and direct referrals. In terms of young athlete training, they are one of your competitors, and focusing on a subset of keywords should help us to attain some of that traffic. 

I’m eliminating the nutrition page from the navigation bar. I’m happy to include some information or links on the page, but I’m aiming to increase the focus of the site. ~50% of page viewers will use the navigation bar upon visiting your site. We don’t want them being redirected to a page that isn’t selling your services in some way. 

I’m also keen on placing your testimonials throughout the site, rather than cornering them on one page. As a customer, reading reviews needs to be a fluid part of the copywriting. Rather than having 10 on one page, we can introduce smaller blurbs into each sales page. If you’re set on keeping the testimonials page, that isn’t a problem. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know in the “Additional Notes” section of the questionnaire below. 

What I need from you going forward

  • We’ll get on a short phone call tomorrow to grab your Instagram password. Would rather not have it sent over in plain text. Can never be too safe. As soon as we get some great images, I’ll start working on the new social media campaigns. 
  • Setting up a free Stripe account for you. We’ll use it to accept payments for those one-off payments and promotions, such as $20 for a Sunday session. Only fee is the nominal (~$1) card fee per transaction. You can set them up with your normal invoicing system when they sign up for normal classes. Purpose is to streamline the purchase decision and increase visitor conversion rates. We can always look at streamlining your invoicing procedure to reduce your admin time in the future. 
  • You’ve uploaded some images to the Dropbox account which is fantastic. If you wind up stumbling across more in the future, that link will stay live and you can upload at any time. Once I get my own images edited, I’ll give you access to the parent folder. You’re welcome to share the link to any clients in your classes, most people usually appreciate that. 
  • Having an open line of communication is important. I’ll make sure to contact you with any questions, and I encourage you to do the same. 


    We can either create a new Google Gsuite account ($5/mo) or we can just redirect emails from your current email for free - so they send an email to contact@tamarajtraining for example, and it gets redirected to tamarajtraining@gmail.com. Same goes for when you send emails out.