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Osteoarthritis Training and Long Term Solutions

Do you find your knees burning after sitting for an 1 hour or 2? Do you have unexplained pain hours or days after performing physically activity like weight training, hiking or evening climbing the stairs? There is a trend in the number of adults living with chronic knee pain due to osteoarthritis. This breakdown of the shock absorbing cartilage in knees can be due to many factors including ageing. 

It is important to know that this process of reduced knee function can be significantly slowed down and pain practically eliminated without surgery! Just understand that it will take time; at least 6 months of consistent and prescribed exercise. Using a certified professional is critical because to know how much pain is okay to work through, because you will need to do so in order to improve the strength and coordination of the muscles surrounding the knee. 

Are you ready to tackle chronic pain head on? Find out what the training process could look like for you by booking a consult.

Here is a link to a great article highlighting the benefits of hiring a personal trainer if you have osteoarthritis 

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