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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Knee Injuries

  1. Our lifestyle habits are the root cause of most injuries.
  2. Current rehabilitation protocols fail to get people back to pre-injury status! You can be stronger and healthier than pre-surgery with proper training.
  3. If rehabilitated properly, surgery doesn’t mean you must live with pain or reduced function for the rest of your life.
  4. A lot of knee injuries, if not all injuries, are due to a mechanical (movement) issue.
  5. Our bodies are built like tents not brick houses, meaning our bodies are master compensators, for example, an imbalance in our hips can lead to issues further down the body.

How we at Tamara J Training address these things…

  • Start by building general awareness of how you are moving in your everyday life
  • Will get your posture muscles working better and more efficiently to help take stress off the front of your body.
  • The way our bodies function best is moving and transferring force from the core out. By focusing on improving strength and stability from the hips and trunk first we will get you moving better while placing less stress on your joints.
  • The hamstrings unload the knee joint while the quadriceps load the knee joint. Current rehabilitation programs focus on strengthening the quadriceps muscles without considering its role in potentially causing the injury. We focus on improving hamstrings activation and coordination while working to stabilize the knee.

We have and continue to get results with a variety athletes and clients specifically with moderate to severe knee injuries using our training philosophy and methods.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact Tamara Jarrett to set up your free consultation.

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